Sunday Recap (3)

Valley Church

Valley Church

Happy Monday everyone!

We had such a great sense of the presence of God in our services yesterday. God is good!

We’ve heard stories of provision and healing and of people meeting with God. And it was fantastic to see so many people prioritising the house of God on a half-term weekend.

We’re still in the Planted Series as a church, where we’re exploring what it means to be planted in the house of the Lord (Ps 92:12-15) and learning that actually, building your life around Christ and His Church leads to fruitfulness in the whole sphere of our lives, be it work, home life, hobbies or whatever we might spend our time doing. Sometimes it might feel like we’re just too busy to get to church, when actually the truth is that you’re too busy NOT to get to church!

Here’s a few points recapped from yesterday:

  • The Church is the centre of God’s plan! (Eph 1:23 MSG) When we build our lives around the local church, we build our lives on the one thing that Christ himself founded, and that will go on into eternity when our careers, education and hobbies will eventually fade away.
  • The truth is that so many of us struggle to juggle all the different things in our lives. And when we try to balance them, or juggle them, we find that ultimately and inevitably, things get dropped. We learnt that actually, balance is secondary to focus in our lives and that when our focal point is right, and our whole lives point towards it, we end up being able to not only cope with everything, but we live in the blessing of God as we see Him look after us.
  • The focal point is Jesus! Of course the answer is always Jesus! But seriously, it’s so key that He is the absolute central focus of EVERYTHING that we do. And when we focus on Him, rather than competing with each other, we find that the different aspects of our lives compliment each other greatly. 
  • We talked about the importance of prioritising the church for the sake of the next generation. There is nothing you can leave to your kids more valuable than a legacy and an inheritance of faith. 
  • We talked about how most of us who call ourselves Christians desperately want to make Jesus the centre of our lives but find it difficult when the rubber hits the road to actually take steps to do it! We learnt three simple ideas for us to think about and put in place… IN THIS ORDER!
    • Follow – The disciples followed first and asked questions later. There is no issue big enough to keep you from following Jesus. Follow Jesus first and the rest will fall into place as long as you…
    • Obey – This is the hard one! Obedience is the sign of a disciple and we know that we are all made disciples of Jesus Christ when we make Him our Lord. Without obedience, it is impossible to be a Christian.
    • Plan – Once you’ve followed and are prepared to obey, the time to plan is here. Build into your lives time, space and things that will nourish you spiritually and stretch you to be all that God has called you to be.
We read from Hebrews 6:19-20 about the anchor of the soul. Our anchor, the thing that we rely on completely needs to be in Christ. Then, no matter how big the storm gets, no matter how tricky it is to balance or juggle our lives, we can rest knowing that we are fixed to the One who makes it all possible!
Question – What things do you recommend in order to live a life completely centred on Jesus Christ and His Church? How have you made it work for you life?

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