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Valley Church

I love my holidays; time to have fun, hang out with the family, see different places, recharge the batteries, they’re brilliant!! I don’t know about you but so often I get stressed over the smallest things in life and holidays also give me chance to put things back in to their true perspective.

One thing I really believe that we should be doing as Christ’s followers is keeping “big things big and small things small”. We can so easily fall in to a number of traps.

  • We make small things big and big things small,
  • We can make everything big or everything small,
  • We can try and forget everything (which often leads us to exploding over some poor soul) or
  • We can make everything to do with me big and everybody else’s things small

In my thinking, I try and do a few simple things to keep everything in perspective.

  • I remind myself most things are small – in fact hardly anything is big
  • I remind myself that almost everybody has something they think is big happening in their lives, which I can see isn’t really big, and they probably think the same about my thing!
  • I remind myself I am blessed and there are a lot of people in a far worse (a lot worse actually) than me. My biggest issues really are small to theirs
  • I remind myself that when I am tired or ill, everything looks big
  • I remind myself to think in light of eternity (not just in the moment)
  • I remind myself God has everything in hand, is this a big deal to Him? (this also reminds me everything is ok)

I’m praying that you are able to keep things in their right perspective, and so live life of freedom all the more!

– Ed

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