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Valley Church

Valley Church

On Saturday, I will be getting married to the love of my life, Melanie. So, I thought that this week I’d throw out some thoughts about how I chose her to be my life-long partner. Hopefully some helpful thoughts for you…

  1. Our Worldview is closely aligned. We both believe that every part of our lives should prioritise Jesus Christ and His Kingdom, built through the Local Church. This doesn’t mean we agree on everything! There are many areas where we have differing opinions, but they are secondary to the main thing. And that’s ok.
  2. She is better than me. Mel hates it when I say this because it sounds like I’m putting myself down. That’s not my intention! Rather, I picked Mel because, in my main weakness areas, she is strong and is able to challenge, encourage and help me in them. But even in my strengths, she is more than capable of helping to fine-tune and maximise those strengths. I pray I can do the same for her.
  3. I genuinely believe in her potential. Now, I know we should always believe the best in people, but the sad truth is that, although everyone has potential, many miss out on all God has for them because they don’t chase after it. Mel does chase after it and finds success in pretty much everything she puts her hand to. I need to be attached to someone who understands their own potential and chases after it.
  4. Synergy. I believe that Mel is the type of person who will help me achieve far more with her than I ever could on my own. And vice a versa. We try not to let church, God, work, social time etc. compete for our attention but try to realise that those things compliment each other greatly when all pointed at Christ.
  5. I love her. You were waiting for some lovey-dovey stuff right? I’m not talking about an emotional attachment by itself. I’m talking about a lifelong commitment. And sure, only time will tell, but I’m speaking over my marriage joy, longevity and impact. Joy in the good times and the hard times, longevity to ensure that we stay together through every season and impact, that our marriage would glorify God and cause others to look to Him.

So there’s my last blog post as a single man. Hope you have a good couple of weeks!

– Dave

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