Sunday Recap (4)

Valley Church

Valley Church

After four weeks in The Planted Series, things are getting better and better! As we teach through some of the key values of our church and explore what it means to be planted in the House of the Lord (Ps 92), we are hearing amazing stories of people who are saying I’M IN and really jumping in head-first for the cause of Christ.

Here’s a recap of what Pastor Ed shared with us yesterday –

  • Growth means change! Obstacles, difficulties and challenges are often the times in life where we change the most AND grow the most. 
  • Healthy plants grow, so do healthy churches and healthy people. Growth through challenges ought to be a normal part of our Christian walk.
  • Some of us can be so caught up in our ‘salvation status’ (whether or not we’re right with God – remember YOU ARE! Jesus paid the price for you…) when we need to be confident in our salvation and our righteousness before God so that we can LIVE LIKE IT! (Heb 6)
  • We don’t produce fruit if we don’t grow. It’s not necessarily about how much fruit, but it’s about increasing what you’ve been entrusted with. Don’t compare with others, just be faithful to allow God to grow what is in your hand.
  • We grow by being a fully sold-out, for-the-cause, radical disciple of Jesus Christ. 
  • We grow by honouring leadership and trusting God that we are where He wants us to be. 
  • We grow by being teachable. We are both humble and confident that we can be taught and can then put it into practice.
  • We grow by teaching others. Seek to pass on what you’ve learnt to others. (Ps 78)

The crux of it is this – God is all about INCREASING your life. All about seeing you become all that you can be in Christ. We need to grow so we can produce fruit and fulfil what God’s called us to. The great news though, is that the growing is God’s responsibility! All we have to do is SURRENDER every part of our lives to Him and allow Him to do what He does best.

NOTE – Remember that it’s Compassion Sunday this weekend, check out the list of items on the donate list here. You will also have the opportunity to sponsor some of the Compassion Children, so please be in prayer about what God would have you do.

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