The World Needs Jesus Pt 1

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Valley Church

Pastor Ed has just finished preaching a series on the topic of “The World Needs Jesus”. Coming up to Six Hot Weekends, this is a timely and powerful reminder of the importance of introducing people to Jesus. In the Old Testament, there were three main ‘offices’ that people were called to in leading the people of God – the Prophet, the Priest and the King. In these messages, Pastor Ed talked about the importance of these roles, what they mean for us, and most of all, how Jesus is the perfect Prophet, Priest and King for us today.

Over the next couple of weeks, the Monday and Wednesday blog posts will recap those messages as we lead in to Six Hot Weekends.

So here’s Part 1.

In the first message of the series, Pastor Ed spent the whole time explaining the importance of understanding the simple truth that the world really does need Jesus.

No matter what you do in this life, ultimately, without Jesus, life is eventually meaningless. The individual and the world has no hope or greater purpose outside of living for Jesus. So those of us who call ourselves Christians need to remind ourselves of this great need and should work to share the gospel with those in our world.

If Jesus loved us enough to come to earth as a man, we ought to be prepared to go to the mission field across the street, in our workplace or school etc. to share the gospel with people.

Ultimately, the truth is that the Church has already won the battle. The outcome is decided. But, unfortunately, the other side is that the Devil has succeeded in many ways by making so many of us ineffective for the gospel. Here’s how he does it and here’s what we need to be aware of:

  1. Our own humanity, especially our selfishness, our need for safety and comfort, and the ‘one day when…’ attitude that says I’ll do it one day, or I need training first. The truth is, for each of us, now is the time.
  2. Our damaged relationship with God. Sin, guilt, worry among other things all contribute to a contaminated relationship with God. His side of things is perfect, but oftentimes we bring these things into our side of the relationship and struggle to understand that we now have free access to the Father.
  3. Our damaged relationships with each other. This includes distrust, envy, comparison, especially when it comes to following the leaders and authority God has placed in our lives.

In summary, we shouldn’t be fighting ourselves, each other, or our vision. We should be fighting together, side by side for the sake of the gospel.

Check out Part 2 here!

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