Vision Rescue 2012

Valley Church

Valley Church

The contrast hit home as we came in to land at Manchester Airport and the captain address us over the tannoy “…the temperature in Manchester this morning is -5 degrees.” Minus 5, you’ve got to be kidding me! It was 32 degrees in Mumbai yesterday; that’s a 37 degree drop! But the extreme difference in temperature doesn’t come close the extreme difference in lifestyle between these two countries. In the UK, we feel hard done by if we merely have to demonstrate some patience in getting what we want. In Mumbai, kids come running at the promise of a boiled egg!

The pace and chaotic rhythm of life are the first things that hit you in Mumbai and I’m absolutely sure the £1.20 that I spent on our fifteen minute Tuk Tuk ride to our hotel was the long standing leader in the pound-to-trill ratio stakes!

Then, once you’re accustomed to the environment, the work of Vision Rescue blows your mind again, and for several reasons.

The first is their absolute passion and dedication. The need is so real, so in your face, so unavoidable and so expansive that you could forgive them for getting bogged down or lost in the vastness of it all. But they don’t; they put every single moment they have into demonstrating God’s love to as many people as they possibly can.

The second reason is simple, they truly demonstrate the God is enough. So many people there have so little – or even nothing – and yet you can see the sheer joy and peace that comes through knowing that there is a God, that He loves you and that he gave everything of himself for you.

Lastly, is Ps Biju Thampy’s inability to settle for things as they currently are. The Dream Centre is barely half built but Biju’s mind is already planning and dreaming not for the next project, but the project after that, and beyond! Meanwhile, his team are begging to consolidate, or just catch breath for one minute. Biju’s mind seems directly connected to God’s heart in a way that means he can’t help but step into the things of it and into the future with absolute certainty. His desire to see all people experience God’s unconditional love drives him never to settle until the battle is won.

Above all, there is one thing that struck me which will always stay with me. We serve the one true God and his love is for everyone, no exceptions. His desire to see all people experience his sacrificial love is what spurs us all on. We need to capture the urgency and desire to see the people around us experience God’s unconditional love, even those whose comfortable lives lead them to believe they don’t need it.

Let’s ensure we live in this unrelenting vision and desire to see God impact our community, as our friends at Vision Rescue strive to do the same.

– Rob Yates

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