Apologetics Pt 12

Dave Scholes

Dave Scholes


The First Premise of the Teleological Argument part B.

  1. The fine-tuning of the universe is due to either physical necessity, chance, or design.

So, last time we looked at what fine-tuning actually is, this time I want to check out the three options that could account for this incredible fine-tuning.

Physical Necessity. According to this, the constants of the laws of the universe must have the values they do and there was really no chance of the universe’s not being life-permitting. This is just a huge stretch though, if any of the constants had been different as we’ve already looked at, we’d have a universe much different which wouldn’t permit life. So why must it be necessary for the constants to have been the way they are? There is simply no proof for this, and to make a claim like this would require great evidence.

Chance. Simply, given the level of fine-tuning for intelligent life that we see and witness, and to face the facts of the constants and quantities of the universe (see last week’s post), at the most simple level, I have to say that it takes more faith to believe that than to believe in a designer. The chances of it happening just by accident are so inconceivable that the word inconceivable doesn’t even begin to describe how small the chances are. If you can believe that the fine-tuning is down to the random chances of it just all falling into place, you are truly a man or woman of faith!

Design. And of course, this was going to be our position, but notice that we haven’t assumed design so far in the argument. Design is a) likelier and b) explains far more of the evidence we have. This argument still doesn’t get us the designer of the Bible, that’s for another argument.

The Second Premise of this Argument states:

  1. It is not due to physical necessity or chance.

Now, ignore the design option for just a second. Imagine you’re assuming that the existence of God is impossible. That leaves you with physical necessity or chance. Even if they were you’re only two options, based on all the scientific evidence surrounding this discussion, you would still need to deny that they are the only two options! It can’t be due to physical necessity or chance for the reasons we’ve already looked at in this blog. That means we must find another option, design, which we’ll explore more fully next week.

– Dave

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