Who is God? Part 2

Dave Scholes

Dave Scholes

God has attributes just like we have attributes. Some are shared by us in a smaller way, and some God has all by himself. This second type include things like:

  • God is eternal – He has existed from all eternity but we have not.
  • God is unchangeable – God does not change but we do.
  • God is omnipresent – He is everywhere, but we are only ever in one place at one time.
  • God is independent – Within Himself, God has everything He needs to exist, but we do not.
  • God is united – He is not made of different parts, but is simply one essence but we are made up of many different parts.

It is good news that God has these attributes. In being eternal, God becomes the end to every child’s unending chain of questions “where did that come from?” He is the answer to the beginning of the universe and the existence of life. In being unchangeable, it means that we can trust that He will always exist, and the God we read about in the Bible will still be that God in the future; the promises He makes will be fulfilled! Because He is omnipresent, no matter where we are, He is with us, walking beside us and accompanying us through life – we can never out-run Him. Because He is independent, it means He is completely self-sufficient and will never be lacking anything. And because He is united, it means that when we say God is love, then we can trust that He is completely and always loving, and cannot get rid of that as if it were a part He could do without.

God is also infinite. Now, infinity is not an attribute in and of itself, but rather a description of all God’s attributes. He is infinitely present, infinitely existing, He is infinitely good, loving and kind.

– Dave

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