Sunday Summary, 12/1/14

Dave Scholes

Dave Scholes

Well, we finished our latest series, “I Have Decided” yesterday, where we spent four messages unpacking just why following Jesus is so important. It’s important for our salvation, as no one can come to God without Jesus (Jn 14:6), but it’s also important for our everyday lives, and our everyday decisions.

Abraham Maslow said in his hierarchy of needs that all human beings need five fundamental things, and each on builds on the other. Without the first, you can’t be fulfilled even if you have the second, third, fourth and fifth levels, and so on.

Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

The thing about these needs is that the world can meet them temporarily, but Jesus can meet them eternally.

We summarised the bottom two levels as ‘security’, the third level as ‘love’, the fourth level as ‘identity’ and the fifth level as ‘purpose’.

We found that Jesus is a true and better security, and that although our earthly security can be taken away, we decide to follow Jesus because in Him we have eternal security. Pr 18:10, “The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous man runs into it and is safe.”

We found that Jesus is a true and better love, and that although our ability to love often fails, God’s ability to love is always perfect. 1 Jn 4:19, “We love because he first loved us.”

We found that Jesus is a true and better identity, and that while the world accepts or rejects us based on our performance and ability to be fashionable in whatever area (look this way, act this way, hang out with these people, drive this car, live in this area etc.), God has adopted us as His children, so that we can cry “Abba [daddy] Father” and we can belong to His family regardless of any of those things.

And we found that Jesus is a true and better purpose, and that although we can enjoy life on earth, ultimately, without God, there is no real, objective meaning to anything. We found that no matter how much you earn, how happy you are, what you did in this life; eventually, when you are gone, so are your achievements. Only by following Jesus does it make sense to have a meaningful life, that is full of purpose! Because with Jesus, every thing you do has eternal significance.

At the end of the day, following Jesus is the best way. It’s really the only way. All other ways lead away from life. Ps Ed encouraged us in the evening to do several things this year. But in particular, he encouraged us to focus on Christ’s life, death and resurrection by reading about Christ in the Bible.

The challenge was this: Why not begin each day in the Word of God? Why not spend time each day getting to know Jesus a bit more by learning about Him in the gospels. 10 minutes a day will change your life forever as you decide to follow Jesus at the start of 2014.

– Dave

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