The Final Week: Wednesday 1st April, AD 33

Dave Scholes

Dave Scholes

(Mt 26:3-5; Mk 14:1-2; Lk 21:37-22:2)

[We don’t know for sure that these events happened on the Wednesday, but it is one possible option.]

Jesus continues his routine of travelling from Bethany into Jerusalem to teach at the Temple. The day passes relatively quietly… especially when compared with the beginning of the week! Because of the authority he displays, the wisdom he demonstrates and the actions he performs, he has become something of a celebrity in the region. But as is usually the case, although everyone knows of Jesus, not everyone approves of Jesus. The chief priests and scribes are seeking how to kill him, but because of the people, they need to do it carefully, lest, by Jesus’ death, the people rise up against the religious institution responsible.

And so, the religious leaders—called the Sanhedrin—come up with a plan. Everyone’s in town for the Feast of Unleavened Bread, which lasted about a week and was due to finish in just over a week, on the 9th April, AD 33. That was their original plan. Of course, as we shall see, plans change, people hurry, and the Sanhedrin get their way (or so they think) a little sooner.

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