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Q&A Answers – Part II

Valley Church

Valley Church

Today we provide another short answer for another question asked during the Q&A Series. This time the answer comes from Ps Ed Carter

Question – If heaven is perfect, how come Satan came from there and does that mean sin could enter heaven again?

Answer –

  • This answer begins with a need for a few simple definitions: Sin – the attitude and actions of “I know better than God”, Heaven – the place where God is, different from our known universe, Satan – one of the chief angels that rebelled against God.
  • We know that God is the creator of all things including that which is now ‘fallen’ (was created good but is now not so).
  • Created beings fall, when given the choice of either following God or doing what they feel is right they have chosen what they feel is right over what God has said to do. Satan and the angels (that are now demons) where given the choice in heaven and rebelled (and as a result where thrown out of heaven), mankind was/is given the choice on Earth and rebelled. Satan and the demons choice is now fixed (can’t be changed) and when mankind dies their choices also becomes fixed.
  • This means, as it stands now, no sin is in heaven or can enter it.
  • Therefore the only way sin could again enter heaven is, if God created a being, which lived in heaven and which had free will to choose and chose to do it own thing not God’s.

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