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Sunday Summary, 30/03/14

Dave Scholes

Dave Scholes

Yesterday was Mother’s Day! We hope all the women had a great time. We gave out chocolates and bookmarks to every woman and there was even a special song… Who would have thought Shania Twain would go down so well in church! As always, church is to be enjoyed, not endured.

Ps Michele spoke in the morning a great message about wisdom. She shared that there is a flow of wisdom, that goes a bit like this:


We take in information, knowledge and the truth of God with our minds, which informs our emotions, which should in turn craft our words, which finally outwork themselves in actions. It was a simple, yet profound message you need to hear again!

In the evening, Ps Ed finished off his three-part message on the certainty of God and the efforts of man. We finished off the eight pictures Paul uses in 2 Timothy to describe a good disciple of Jesus. The final five were:

4. A farmer, whose job involves the need for relentless excellence. Farmers can’t have bad days. They have to get up, because their crops, flocks and herds depend on them to do so. Likewise, a faithful servant of Jesus Christ, one who wants to partner with God in His mission, should have a similar outlook on the work.

5. A workman approved. This means constant training; someone who continually seeks their own personal growth for the sake of those around them whom they impact.

6. A tool or vessel available for noble purposes. Being available is key to the mission of God. If we are not available then God can’t use us. Ps Ed shared a story via Max Lucado. Max’s daughter was in the park and Max went to buy her ice cream. When he returned, his daughter was eating sand from the sand pit! Max had to clean out the sand from her mouth before giving her the ice cream. Being available means being clean and pure and God will take us through this process so He can give us what He has for us.

7. A servant. Jesus Himself demonstrated this when He washed His disciples’ feet. But He did it from a place of knowing His identity as someone with all authority under Heaven. We serve from a place of honour, not to gain it, but because we are already adopted sons and daughters of God.

8. And finally, a role-model. Paul said in 1 Cor 10:31, “imitate me as I imitate Christ.” In other words, if someone were to follow you, imitate you, and live life with the principles you use, would it take them closer to, or further away from Christ?

As always, you can catch up to all our Sunday messages at

– Dave

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