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Valley Conference

23rd–25th June 2023

The World Needs Jesus Pt 3 – Jesus as Priest

Valley Church

Valley Church

Well, it’s not Monday… but here’s part three in the summary of Ps Ed’s sermon series based on the three biblical offices of Prophet, Priest and King. Today we recap on Jesus as Priest, you can hear the message by going to our messages page.

A priest is someone who stands in the gap between man and God. He serves God and man. He is a mediator, and in the beginning there was no need for a mediator. Adam and Eve had a perfect, face-to-face relationship with God. Then, when sin entered the world, that perfection was broken and Man has ever since needed a mediator between him and God, we need a priest.

The priest is trying to restore the God-man relationship.

Israel were intended to be the nation of priests pointing the world to God and God is still looking for people to fulfil that role.

So then Jesus comes along!

He is the ultimate High Priest and makes all of us who call Him Lord priests in this world. We are the ones entrusted with the responsibility of pointing people to our great High Priest, Jesus who in turn reconciles the world to God the Father.

Practically what does that mean for us?

1) We should pray with people and offer to do it far more.

2) Be careful what you say and how you say it. Weigh up each word.

3) Tell lots of stories. Testimony is powerful!

4) We need to be ready to help others.

5) Open your homes up to people.

6) Stop worrying! Focus on people.

7) We are part of a ministering church family.

8 ) Bless people lots. Give stuff away.

9) Always have in your mind – Point people to Jesus.

These very practical points are really just natural outcomes when we see ourselves as priests pointing the way to God.

The final part will be up on Friday!

In the mean time, be sure to remind yourselves of the messages from Six Hot Weekends, Ps Stuart Keir and Ps Glyn Barrett rocked the place on Sunday with their amazing messages!

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