Connect Groups

Connect Groups are where the Church comes to life! Acts 2:42 says that “the people of God committed themselves to fellowship”.

Connects meet in people’s homes across the North of England throughout the week. They are a chance to hang out, eat a meal together and chat about what has been happening in Church over the weekend. Connect Groups are a great way to get to know people in Church and really start to make Valley home.

This summer we’ve got loads of fun planned for our connect groups, so get involved!

July: Dinner on the Park
We’ll be meeting at the park to enjoy an evening meal together every Tuesday in July. It’s the perfect chance to invite your friends and family along for a relaxed evening with delicious food and great company.

August: Summer Parties
We have lots of events gong on in August across all our locations. Whether it’s a BBQ or a night at the bowling alley, it’ll be great fun to get together.

Where do groups meet?

Our connect groups meet all over the place! If you want any more information about Connect Groups simply fill out the form below and one the team will get in contact with you.