Sisterhood Conference 2020

6th March, 7:30pm

Valley Church

Valley Church PR5 6GS

Ladies there is something incredible happens within us when we enter into thanksgiving and celebration. There is a change deep within that may start small, but then cascades out of us and transforms the atmosphere, even in the darkest of situations. Praise is always on the lips of the people of God, from Paul and Silas in prison (Acts 16) praying and singing songs of praise, to Mary when she sings the magnificat, (Luke 1) Whatever our circumstances there is always something we can find to be thankful for, from the fact our eternity is secure, to the very breath in our lungs. I invite you to find your reason to sing and join us, come away from the everyday for just 24 hours and as the Psalmist says ‘drop everything else and listen to his voice’.

It’s Time to Sing
Come on, everyone! Let’s sing for joy to the Lord!
Let’s shout our loudest praises to our God who saved us!
Everyone come meet his face with a thankful heart.
Don’t hold back your praises;
Make him great by your shouts of joy!
For the Lord is the greatest of all, King-God over all other gods!
In one hand he holds the mysteries of the earth
and in the other he holds the highest peaks.
He’s the owner of every ocean, the engineer
and sculptor of the earth itself!
Come and kneel before this Creator-God;
Come and bow before the mighty God, our majestic maker!
For we are the lovers he cares for and he is the Gd we worship.
So drop everything else and listen to his voice! (Ps 95v 1-7 TPT)

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