People Matter

People Matter is run by Valley Church to help support those in need from our local community and further afield. We believe that all people matter and that the Church can and should make a real difference for the better in the lives of everyone regardless of who they are, what they’ve done, or where they’re from.

Valley Church is always looking for ways to put people back on their feet, and to empower them to discover purpose, hope, love and community like they have never known before.

People Matter currently operates in the following capacities:

Community Action Team (CAT) – CAT exists to make a positive impact on our community by practically transforming individual gardens and community areas which are overgrown or dangerous to use. The heart of the Community Action Team is to show that people matter by coming alongside those who are struggling with overgrown gardens or with issues of litter. The team help them take control and re-gain pride in their outdoor space, so that they themselves can maintain it going forwards. If you are interested in volunteering on the community action team please email

Valley Hampers – The Valley Hampers team meet a need for families who are facing an emergency or crisis situation resulting in financial hardship at difficult times of the year. Each hamper is carefully assembled into an exceptional food package filled with both cost effective and quality products that help to feed a hungry family for up to a week. Hampers are distributed through our local NHS Health Visitor team, Children’s Centres and other social agencies over the Easter and Christmas period.

Vision Rescue – Vision Rescue is a non-profit charity involved in feeding, education, medical care, skills training and other kinds of assistance to the street children in the slums of Mumbai, India. They exist to “empower people to find their purpose, enjoy their rights and live with dignity.” As well as working in our local community, People Matter also supports the work of Vision Rescue. For more information about how we work with Vision Rescue click here or check out their website.

Check out the video below to see some of the People Matter teams doing their thing in December 2014.

Every year many people have been blessed by our People Matter ministry, but we always have a heart to reach more! If you would like to give into this ministry and enable Valley Church to build into more lives, you can give online via

For more information please get in touch by emailing